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Keep costs under control

You will keep construction costs (and paperwork) in control with InSite Specific. InSite Specific costs nickels & dimes, but more importantly, it helps you gain visibility of the entire project in real time. When you have visibility, you can see when and where things are going off course. You can save the construction costs and the project before either gets out of hand. You can finally have control! Simple.


Keep it simple

We keep documentation simple because we know simple works. If your crew can't figure it out, they will not use it. Lot's of bells and whistles is appealing until you realize your users are overwhelmed. InSite Specific documents are simple... for you... and your crew.


Communicate with your team faster

Everything is in one place. Your email exchanges are stored in the system. You don't have to worry about finding the latest version of a file and sending that out. Without InSite Specific, you waste time looking for documents (and not being sure they are the latest). That causes delays because you are not always at your desk. With InSite Specific, you always know where the latest versions are, quickly.


Share your photos, spreadsheets, plans

You can share any type of document used in construction and building. It's as easy as uploading it or simply including it with the RFIs, Change Orders, Punchlists, Field Reports, and Submittals. InSite Specific accepts ANY type of file and ANY size of file. So, go ahead and share the latest version of construction photos, project files, spreadsheets, documents, and more!

Sample Documents

All your documents in one place

All the documents associated with a construction project can get out of hand. With InSite Specific, you will be able to keep documents in control. They will all reside in one simple place. Everyone on your team can access them at any time, securely. And when you are done, you can archive all your construction documents into an archive file - free. Simple!


Even more

To keep things simple, InSiteSpecific only includes the specific tools you really will use, like Field Reports, RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, Issues & Punchlists. We don't overwhelm you with the extras that most contractors and builders don't use. See how we provide value along with simplicity with pricing. We even made pricing simple.